A unique guard management system

Take control over your guards and schedule patrols efficiently.

Manage guards from everywhere

No need to visit the building or area in order to check guards' activities. Manage remotely with ease from your office!

Get Real-time data

Whatever your officers are doing or wherever they are, you can keep an eye on their activities in real-time and receive immediate alerts.

Track officers activities

Track your officers activities and ensure reliability and high working level as well as protect them immediately from dangerous situations.

Minimum infrastracture cost - cloud technology

No need to buy server or other hardware.QR-Patrol is cloud based and bears minimum cost for infrastracture, reducing expenses for your company and allowing data interoperability.

Increase performance

Accountability, budget control and real-time management compromise a high security company profile increasing performance and efficiency and offering superb results for a security firm.

QR-Patrol features

User Management

User Management

QR-Patrol allows advanced user management control helping companies, distributors, resellers and managing staff keep seperate accounts

Automated emails

Automated emails

Automation is the key to success and QR-Patrol can send automated emails to both clients and managing staff

Multilingual interface

Multilingual interface

The software is currently available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek & Russian

Filtered Reports

Filtered Reports

Advanced reporting is available and any data about executed guard tours can be exported to Excel or PDF format

QR-Patrol will change the way you patrol

QR-Patrol guard patrol system

Scan Checkpoints

Scan QR-codes or move the smartphone above an NFC tag in order to send alerts and events

Send Multimedia events

Take a picture, attach media and audio files and add your signature before sending the events to the managing staff

Send SOS alerts

In case of a real-time danger, the guard can press SOS button and send a real-time alert

Schedule Routes

Organize the routes of your officers in the best possible way, set time intervals and check for missed patrols

Conduct reports

Use advanced filtering capabilities in order to produce reports in real-time

Track GPS position

Take control over your guards and get GPS positioning so as to track their activities in real-time


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