13 reasons you need a guard tour system

A guard tour system is a tool used to relieve companies from the daily trouble of managing effectively guard tours and assign tasks to guards or officers. Guard tour systems can be divided into two separate categories: Traditional or wand guard tour systems which use some kind of handy devices in order to accomplish patrols and cloud based guard tour systems, relying on cloud infrastructure and mobile connectivity.

No matter what kind of guard tour system you intend to use, there is a basic quote: it is sure that you need one. Either wand or cloud based guard tour systems can offer a significant level of ease and automation to your company or organization and boost your productivity rate and thus yearly revenues. In brief, there are 13 major reasons you should use a guard monitoring software:

  • Simplicity
  • Accountability
  • Automation
  • Keep history log
  • Reliability
  • Data analysis
  • Organize schedules
  • GSP tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Budget control
  • Remote management
  • Increased guards' protection
  • Performance

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Why you need a guard tour system